Our pizza is so Italian,

that even our chef is made in Rome.

Pizzeria Luca was founded by Roman pizza master Luca Platania. Our pizzas are made with the style and ingredients that come from the birthplace of pizza.

Luca Platania


Luca Platania is a Roman pizza master who has been living in Finland for ten years. He has a love for slowly risen dough and sun ripened tomatoes.

Pizza is like life. You need a good base to build upon.


First we let our dough rise for 72 hours. Then we bake the pizza for just about one minute in a 400 degree oven. The result: full-bodied but still crispy.

Maybe not right next door, but still a lot closer than Rome.


 Pizzeria Luca was born of our genuine desire to spend time with our customers – to chat, laugh, relax and share our passion. Here you can enjoy the best pizza of your life, and some truly amazing wines.

Italian skill: best pizza in Northern Europe.*
Finnish attitude: just trying our best.


* 50 Top Pizza 2018

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Thursday and Friday Lunch at Pizzeria Luca Tampere

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