Go Vegan! At Pizzeria Luca

Green is clean and we know it.

Welcome to the vegan zone of Pizzeria Luca. Fresh vegetables and creative pizzas, this is where we look after you, dear vegan friends.

Giardino Mediterraneo


Pesto di rucola, olives, sun dried tomatoes, pine and walnuts seeds and lemon zest.

*Lauttasaari, Tampere


Viva La Vegan 


Zucchini, artichokes, potatoes, mint, lime zest and red pepper. 





 Mushrooms, zucchini, rucola, pesto di pistacchio and pistacchio crumbles



Please note that the vegan pizza selection varies between Pizzeria Luca’s.


* 50 Top Pizza 2018

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Thursday and Friday Lunch at Pizzeria Luca Tampere

Welcome friends

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